Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thick Penis Pictures- Thick Penis Size, Women's Choice

Women prefer fat thick, large penis because they can really touch parts of a woman and give the amazing sexual friction when the erect large penis goes in and out the vagina. Let us hear some women who talk about thick penis and how it feels pleasurable inside them

Thick Penis Pictures

1. Nancy Lundgreen, UK- Personally I prefer larger/thicker penis..At 51 I've pretty much been with men of all sizes. I guess that a thinner penis doesn't give me the "full" feeling that a thick penis does. Also a smaller penis doesn't hit my g-spot.....I have been with men who are considered small..They are usually exceptionally caring considerate lovers and take more time with foreplay, making sure that their partners are satisfied orally before penetration. Another thing about small vs large is oral sex..Obviously when you are with a man who is smaller you can take a lot more in your mouth without the gag reflex kicking in...But nothing beats the king sized burger-the thick penis

2. . Kashmira Shah, India-  Penis size matters to me, all the sham about size does not matter of a penis is just said to pacify the ego of the man. If it is thick, I am certainly turned on. I don't care if my man has a short penis but it has to be thick In fact, a short and thick penis is irresistible, feels nice in the mouth

3.  Mary Futton, Texas- Length of a penis certainly does not matter, but the thickness does. I am 37 years now with two kids, have had sex with three men in my life. Now I feel that the opening of my vagina is bigger and can really feel stuffed only with a thick, wide penis.

4  Stacy K, California. Well, if it was in public, I would say size does not matter but when I am horny and can express my feelings anonymously, then yes, next to a loving and caring man, a thick juicy penis definitely gets my juices flowing.


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